So you think you know your place in the universe….

zen_motorcycleSo once you get a Harley Davidson you learn of the ancient three letter word that describes your relationship with the universe (and your bike): Zen. If you aren’t familiar with this notion then let me introduce you to the the work of  Robert M Persig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.  Through rational analysis of your situation in life inner piece can be achieved – even if you own and ride and older model Harley Davidson!

I am keeping a blog of my Zen and you can read along here.

As many of you know – you mostly don’t just walk into a HD shop and ask for parts for your shovelhead.  Knowing where to get stuff is handy.  I get my stuff from E & M Motorcycle in St. Louis, MO.  They don’t pay me to push thier stuff so this testimonial is sincere. 

These are some good folks to work with.  They ship promptly and usually have what they advertise.  Their catalog is thick as the St. Louis phone book.  They’ll send it to you if you call and ask for it.  Check them out if you have a need for parts, tools or supplies. – me

So, if you haven’t read Mr. Persig’s book you might find it entertaining.  It tells of the author’s personal experiences with his motocycle and friends on an extended putt.  Thanks for dropping in.  May your Zen be amplified.

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