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This is only a partial description of the service and support that Concepte of Illinois has provided Jefferson County during the last 20 years. We appreciate your business and trust, but we also hope that you understand that an agreement is more than the dollar amount; it is a commitment to your future by us.

We found that over the years, numerous items have been added to your network without a cost increase for labor, parts or support. Our company has continued to support them, which has saved Jefferson County many thousands of dollars.

Concepte of Illinois has endured over seven (7) years of late payments (up to 180 days) while Jefferson County has struggled to get their finances back in shape. Along with those seven (7) years we have not increased your overall cost of the support or service or cost of parts replacement due to cost adjustments. We do value your business and will continue to support you with financial leniency as much as possible now and in the future to assist you in working within your fiscal budget.

Concepte’s employees are highly skilled and certified with years of experience. Our employees have the right attitude in looking out for your interest and completing services in a very timely manner.

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