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There are several tutorials on the internet to explain how to “side-load” kodi onto your favorite supported TV streaming system.  You can download the code here. In my case I use a FireTV Stick. Kodi can seem a bit overwhelming when first installed as it does basically nothing but sit there.  Again there are tutorials available to teach you how to install the basic “superrepo” repository but then too you are left with an overwhelming list of plugins without any explanation or help.

After several install/reinstall runs to get the procedure down I have found the following to be all that I need to have a very usable and friendly Kodi experience.

1) Start kodi in what ever method applies to your system.

2) select System->File Manager->Add Source

add the following url in the top panel:, click Done.  On the bottom input area name the repo (I named mine superrepo) then click Done.

click OK.

3) from the main menu select System->Settings->Add-ons->install from zip file

select the superrepo entry (or what ever you named it above);

select the entry corresponding to your version of kodi (helix at this time, could be different now but pick the one that matches your kodi version name);

select “all”;

select the file ending in (usually the bottom of the list).

4) from the main menu select Programs->Program Add-ons->Get more

scroll down the list and find Maintenance Tool.  Select it then click Install.

5) from the main menu select Programs->Program Add-ons->Maintenance Tool

locate and click on the Configuration Wizard then select the configuration that matches your streaming device.  For me I used the FireTV configuration.

When you get back to your main menu things will be a LOT different now.  You will have icons for the most popular services under each of the main menu selections.  Note that there are many other tweaks and customizations available in the Maintenance Tool and that this tool is now available as a icon under the Programs menu for super easy access to its features.  One interesting feature here is the ability to customize your menu icons….  As you get more familiar with the system this will be useful.

You will notice under the Videos menu that there has been 5 icons installed for the most popular services.  I have found Genesis to be my main service.  1Channel is also a great add-on.

The procedure described above should be the same for any system.  Enjoy.

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