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Sorry to say that about this time my hands were getting greasy enough that momma took the camera away.  Damn woman!  So, anyway, no pics from here.

Removal of the carburator and intake manifold is straight forward and pretty easy.  Remove or free the fuel line so it doesn’t interfere with removal of the carburator from the engine.  Remove the two bolts that attach the carburator to the manifold.  This is done from the left side of the bike.  I fabricated a T-handle allen wrench many years ago that makes reaching the two allen bolts a breeze to remove.    Once removed there is a fiber block located between the carbuartor body and the intake.  Don’t lose it.  On my bike the breather backing plate is attached to the front head for stilibility with a custom bracket.  I have also used a piece of aluminum that bolts from the intake to the top engine case bolt.  Whatever method yours is attached with – disconnect it so that carburator is now free from the engine.  Remove the small screw that brackets the throttle cables to the carburator body.  This frees the cables so they can be easily rotated and removed from the carburator.  Set the assembly aside in a safe place oriented as if it were still mounted to the bike.  This will keep the float from being bounced around and perhaps damaged.

Once the carburator is removed the intake manifold is pretty easy as well.  The stock clamps use a phillips screw to tighten and loosen the clamp.  Loosen both to the point the you can easily  pull the mainfold free from the heads.

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