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This is a continuation of  this post relating to removal of the gas tank.

Next in my progression is to loosen the coil from its mount in preparation for removal of the top motor mount (both shown in images 1  and 2 below.)  My bike uses dual coils and plugs.  I am not going to completely remove them so I can not worry about getting them wired back together right.  Keeping track of which plug wire connects to which coil port will be enough for me.  I documented its loosening and wire orientation in images 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 below.  Finally I cut the tie wrap holding the coil pack taught and in the way.

Now remove the top motor stabelizer bolt as seen top center in image 1.  Once it is loose, remove the 5/8 nuts securing the mount to each head.  Note the placement of washers, one on the bottom and one on the  top of the mount on each head.  The mount is now loose and can be removed and set aside.

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