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I don’t have the tools necessary to fully disassemble the heads or to grind valves and seats so I started looking for a local machine shop to get the heads checked out.  Turns out that even in this little town of 10,000 there is a local shop named Competative Edge.  They are car racers.  Build and maintain their own dragsters.  Might know a little bit about engines.  Off we go.

Two days later I got my heads.  Good news.  Valves are good.  Seats are good.  Front head valve guides COULD be replaced if I had a set but are still very usable.  A LOT of carbon in the combustion chamber.  Enough that there could have been some leakage around the valves while they are seated.  Good news is that carbon cleans up pretty easy 🙂 

Cylinders appear to be free of taper so I’m going to  just break the glaze on them and go back together with the same rings tomorrow afternoon.  Hoorah!  Back on the road this weekend with all the new stuff I have accumulated over the winter.  Ought to be a good summer or riding coming up.

I’ll try to document the assembly process with a lot of pictures.

Ride safe.

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