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Wow.  Got caught up in a remodel job on my house and can’t believe how long my stuff sat….  House looks great though!  Anyway, we are back together (without a race brace or, as I have learned they are also called: torque arm.)  Rebuild went pretty smooth I guess.  The new clutch hub wouldn’t fit the stock shaft key so we had to do a bit of grinding to fit but all is good.

Had her out on the road a bit (got pretty damned cold here.)  Vibration is better but not gone.  Found evidence of a blown rear head gasket.  Tranny seal is leaking the full synthetic lube I put in it just sitting in the garage.  Should have just took things down all the way to start with I suppose.

But, the good news is that with the help of one of our new blog members named partsfinder I now have a new 60602-79C inner primary and a stock exhaust bracket.  This dude has treated me so good it’s scarey!  You can reach him via email if you’re looking for something special.  We welcome partsfinder to the blog and hope we can steer some business your way.

Anyway, next week I’m gonna yank the heads and have a look at the cylinders and valves.  Likely a top end rebuild is in order.  We’ll see where we end up.  Jugs off – check the rods….  Engine out – check rear fork rubber etc….  Not feeling very well today so this is gonna be a short post.

Ride safe!

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