Haven’t made it to the tool store to get a new breaker bar yet.  Kind of want to have some help available when I try to break the damn compensator lose.  So, I spent some time pondering what I might need once I get the inner primary off.

  1. Let’s see.  Going to heat the compensator nut.  Could be getting pretty hot too (I understand red locktite doesn’t melt until 271 degrees F.)  Main shaft seal is made of rubber.  Rubber melts.  Wow, Zen in action.  Better get a replacement mainshaft seal just in case….  Order one.
  2. Clutch hub in my bike had a lot of groves in the fingers and is original three adjustor hub.  Bike has been tugging a little bit in gear at stop lights.  Groves could cause such a thing.  Better replace it while the thing’s apart…. Order one.
  3. Fiber plates in the bike are THIN!  Better replace them too (Damn, my clutch wasn’t even slipping – could it have been from the grime between those plates?)  One set of Barnett Kevlar plates….
  4. Always a good idea to check the transmission mainshaft seal…. Order one.
  5. As beat up as the compensator bolt  is I feel better with a new one….  Order one.
    The adjusting nut on the throw out assembly was kinda rusty?  Gotta wonder how that happened.  Order one….
  6. Plus, gonna needs some gaskets (sooner or later.)  I’ll just get a complete engine set.  I’ll get the one with oil seals and then I don’t have to order a replacement.  Order one.  Cancel item 1.

That’s a start.  Now to get another breaker bar.

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