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Every time I pull the cover off my dual , dual tower, 3 ohm, dual fire coil pack I seem to get a little dizzy lookin at the wiring. Just saying it all is pretty daunting!  What if I can’t remember how to put it back together.  I have a Crane HI2 single fire electonic ignition with mechanical advance.  What if I hook it up wrong?  Where can I find a wiring diagram?  The answers to these questions respectively are: take a lot of pictures so you don’t have to remember; your bike will either not fire at all or it will run like hell since this is a single fire ignition; and you can read all about this fine module at this link.  In a nutshell, red wire from module goes to common between the two coils and the ignition key hot wire.  The black wire fires the front cylinder.  The white wire fires the rear cylinder.  The polarity used on the coils doesn’t really matter.  They should be connected to the bike for ground though.  In my images the second set of plug wires has been removed for visibility of the other components.

This winter I went back into my old shovel to put new rings in.  Winter before last I tore things down just for a peak and finding a practically new build I put her back together after breaking the glaze on the cyclinders with  the old rings.  Don’t try it – it generally does’t work.  So this wlast weekend a new set goes in.  Got things buttoned up and can’t get any fire.  Found a bad coil tower and what must be some bad connections.  Ordered up a new pair of 3 ohm, dual tower, dual fire dyna coils, a bitch bar with FXR side rails, saddlebag standoffs (we’ll see how that all works with the above mentioned bitch bar side covers), and a new Accell “dual plug” plug wiring kit from  My experience with these folks my stuff will be here by mid-week.  I should be up and running this weekend if I get lazy and don’t do it sooner.

I’m really ready for spring to officially be here.  Ride safe.

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